‘I knew I needed to change’: NC deputy loses 45 pounds, drops 5 uniform sizes

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It was a picture that stopped Cpl. McVey in his tracks.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputy said he took a good look at the photos of himself that were taken during a training exercise for the department.

McVey said, “I knew I needed to change.”

It was also the motivation he needed to get started on a path to a healthy lifestyle. He had an added incentive with an upcoming elk hunting trip. He also wanted to do something big before turning 40.


McVey’s transformation didn’t happen overnight. Instead, the SRO decided to make small changes that soon added up in a big way.

Each day and week he set small but obtainable goals from himself.

First, he started to make better food decisions, but it didn’t stop there.

“Soon I started walking, then I wanted to walk and run, then I was running.”

The transformation now means McVey can run around and play sports with his young son, something he could never do before.

In two years, McVey has lost a total of 45 pounds in counting.

“Since losing weight, I’ve noticed my sleep has greatly improved and I no longer have bad acid reflux, which was a huge problem before I started losing weight.”

McVey is the first to admit he’s no fitness guru but said, “When you finally make up your mind to do it, you can accomplish it.”

He said there’s still a lot for him to do but he’s getting there. “I still haven’t accomplished my final goals yet, but I’m working very hard to make that happen.”

He said it was his coworkers who started to notice his weight loss.

In fact, he’s lost so much weight that he’s been through five different uniform sizes.

The department posted on their Facebook page in part, “We are so proud of the work he put in to set a good example for the children he serves in our school as an SRO, and for his fellow brothers and sisters. He’ll be the first to tell you don’t have to be a fitness guru; you just have to have the motivation to make the change. Looking good, brother!”

McVey had this to share with anyone who’s trying to lose weight: “Set goals both long and mid-range even daily weekly goals. Surround yourself with positive people.”

So what’s this week’s goal? McVey said, “To hit the gym at least three times.”

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