HILLSBOUROUGH, N.C. (WNCN) — With a juvenile now in custody following the deaths of two teens in Orange County, several questions remain about where the case goes from here.

Weeks after the shooting of 14-year-old Lyric Woods and 18-year-old Devin Clark, a person is now in custody.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office made the announcement Wednesday, but are staying tight lipped about any further details on the teen.

“For very good reasons there are very clear laws about what we’re allowed to release publicly so long as this case remains in the jurisdiction of the juvenile court,” said Orange County Senior Assistant District Attorney, Jeff Nieman.

The news was a big relief for Devin Clark’s mom, Tiffany Concepcion.

“For them to have the suspect in custody, it took a little bit off my chest, just a little bit, but to find out who did it and why it’ll be a bigger relief off my chest,” said Concepcion.

Nieman says right now the case is in the hands of the juvenile court.

“The next steps are that the juvenile will be taken to a district court judge for secure custody hearing,” said Nieman. “Essentially it’s the equivalent of a bond hearing in adult court except for an adult court the judge will often make a determination about a monetary amount that the person can or must post to be released awaiting trial. There’s no money involved at the juvenile level. It’s simply a decision of whether or not the person will remain in custody or will be released.”

Neiman told CBS 17 the District Attorney’s Office has not decided on if they will try the teen as an adult.

Under the state’s Raise the Age bill, those under the age of 18 cannot automatically be charged as an adult even if they commit a felony.

Nieman says right now the office has not made a decision on trying the teen as an adult; however, if the state were to go that route there is a process the court must follow.

“The way you get the case to the superior court is to send a bill of indictment to the grand jury,” said Nieman. “Same here with juvenile court. If the DA elects to seek transfer of the case to superior court to adult court then we would send a bill of indictment to the grand jury, they would convene in a similar way and if they return a true bill of indictment then that effectively does transfer the case to Superior Court.”

Nieman says after that they would then go before a judge for a transfer hearing where they would make a final decision.