HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A juvenile wanted in connection with the Sept. 18 murders of Devin Clark and Lyric Woods has been detained by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Devin Clark, 18, and Lyric Woods, 14, were found shot to death around 3 p.m. on Sept. 18 by two men who were riding ATVs while checking trail cameras, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

On Wednesday afternoon, Sheriff Charles Blackwood said, “We hope this apprehension provides some relief to the families and friends of Devin and Lyric, who have experienced an excruciating loss.”

Under North Carolina General Statutes, no one at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office has the ability or authority to release any further information until such time the case is no longer under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court.

The statute also prohibits any release of information such as who apprehended the individual and when and where the apprehension took place.

“We understand our community is hungry for information to help process this tragedy; however, the laws regarding juvenile confidentiality are ironclad. We have no ability to set them aside, even given the heightened interest in this case,” Blackwood added.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office announced the filing of an official juvenile petition on Sept. 20, which is a formal pleading that initiates a juvenile court case and to have one appear in court. It is also filed by a juvenile court counselor.

The petition was filed against a 17-year-old for two counts of first-degree murder, CBS 17 previously reported. CBS 17 can confirm, through an interview between sister station WGHP and Devin’s mom, Tiffany Concepcion, that the detained juvenile is the same child the petition was filed for.

WGHP sat down live with Concepcion at 4 p.m. Wednesday after she met with her lawyer in Greensboro. She received a call from Sheriff Blackwood that the sheriff’s office had someone in custody and Concepcion clarified it was the teen. However, she too was not given an identity, she said live.

However, Concepcion did say she was told the sheriff’s office needs to confirm the 17-year-old’s identity in order to proceed with deciding whether or not to try him as an adult.

“I want justice for Devin and Lyric, not just my child,” Concepcion said in the live interview. “There’s no reason these innocent kids were taken…I don’t care if the suspect sits and says to my face a reason why.”

The detainment news comes 17 days after the deaths of Devin and Lyric and one week after Devin was buried.

CBS 17 will air its own interview within the hour.