CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – It was a time of great anticipation.

People were looking forward to the year 2000 with both excitement and some with fear.

Some people were nervous about what Y2K would bring.

For one triangle family, what happened that New Year’s Day, has haunted them all the way up to this one.

“Everything changed.”

For Crystal Crosby and her daughter, it was the beginning of a nightmare.

On the first day of 2000, someone killed Crystal’s 20-year-old Michael, at a wastewater treatment facility on Mason Farm Road in Chapel Hill.

He was shot four times.

“It is frustrating you know. You’re angry and you’re hurt,” Crystal said.

Hurt because nearly 23 years later, no one has been arrested.

“Not having justice for Michael. No one deserved to be murdered. Everyone deserves to have a right to life,” Crystal said.

Police said Michael was at a party the night before.

“He was passionate about art and music,” Michael’s mom said.

Now they need one major picture cleared up, who did it and why.



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“There have always been people of interest. I feel like we’ve always known who murdered Michael,” Crystal said.

That’s why they have a heartfelt plea.

“He was a loving, caring individual and did not deserve this. He deserved to contribute and live his life and we are asking his friends to think about that time and if you have any, any information, please step forward and provide that information,” she said.