CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – It was a New Year’s Eve murder in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

For 22 years, police have been looking for Michael Crosby’s killer.

The Chapel Hill Police Department said Crosby, of Raleigh, was a typical 20-year-old.

“He had this infectious personality,” Chapel Hill Assistant Police Chief Celisa Lehew said. “Mom said he never met an enemy. He was just kindhearted and trusted everybody.”

It was New Year’s Eve of 1999 when Crosby hosted a house party with his roommates.

He decided to make a quick trip to Chapel Hill with someone police said he knew.

Why they were going to Chapel Hill and who they were supposed to meet was not brought up in this interview.

“He last spoke to a friend at approximately 9:30 p.m.,” Lehew said.

That was the last time anyone ever heard from him again.

His body was found the next morning at what used to be a water treatment facility. It’s now a soccer field.

CBS 17’s Angela Taylor asked, “How was he killed?”

“He was shot in the head,” Lehew said.

For 22 years, Chapel Hill police have been working to solve his murder.

“I think it’s really important when you’re looking at these cases, is to really understand the victim and who they were,” Lehew said.

They’ve reached out to friends, family and acquaintances of Crosby over the years, but so far there are no new leads.

However, that could all change with new technology now available.

“Was there any evidence recovered at the scene that y’all were able to collect?” Taylor asked.



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“This is a great opportunity to really look at all the evidence. There was, yes, both collected at the scene and throughout the case and investigation back then,” Lehew said. “So, this is a really good time with all the advancements in technology to really sit down and look at what we do have and what we can process that wasn’t available back then that could help us with this case.”

The Chapel Hill Police Department is confident someone knows who did this, as Rod Carter reported.

If you have information, you are asked to call police.