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Photo of late husband in purse stolen from woman at Hillsborough Walmart

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (WNCN) - The Hillsborough Police Department needs your help to identify a man accused of a stealing an woman's purse as she shopped at Walmart in a wheelchair. 

 They are still working to identify the man captured on surveillance cameras at Walmart.

 Police believe he and two others stole a purse from an elderly woman in a wheelchair while she was shopping at Walmart.  

Twenty-21 years ago, Katherine Decker lost the love of her life, her husband Charles Decker.

 “I always had a picture of him in my purse,” said Decker.

 A few days ago, someone stole her purse and they got away with much more than just cash.

 “Those are my few precious items that I’m never without,” Decker said.

 She says she never leaves the house without her three most treasured items; her wedding band, her locket with his photo inside, and a laminated photo of her late husband in his Navy uniform.

 “If they asked for some money, I would’ve given them money because I don’t mind helping people if they need help,” Decker said. “I really don’t. I try to help when I can even though I don’t have much myself, but to take everything I own.”

 She lives in Norfolk, Virginia.

 On Friday, Decker and her daughter were on the road to visit Decker’s granddaughter.

 They stopped at the Walmart in Hillsborough to do some shopping.

That’s when police say three people stole Decker’s purse.

 “These are heirlooms of her life,” said Hillsborough Police Chief Duane Hampton. “If they put it in a trash can somewhere we’ll go dig in a trash can and get it out, but let’s try to at least do the right thing for this woman and help make her whole in some way.”

 Decker says she doesn’t care about the money.

 She just wants those three precious pieces of her late husband back.

 “I’m praying I do,” Decker said. “I’m praying that I do.”

 Police posted the surveillance photos on Facebook, since then hundreds of people have reached out to Decker.

“People offer to buy me stuff, buy me food, pay for this, if they would just go help somebody who really needs help, just one person,  that would mean a lot,” Decker said. “Instead of helping me, the prayers was enough for me.”

 Police have identified two of the three people seen in surveillance photos as 36-year-old Bobby Coble and 23-year-old Crystal Wilkins. 

 The man wearing a blue shirt hasn't been identified yet. 

 Hillsborough Police ask anyone with any information about this case to give them a call.


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