Public warned of 4 possible wolf-German shepherd hybrid dogs on the loose in Orange County

Orange County News

CEDAR GROVE, N.C. (WNCN) – Orange County crews have set traps for four possible wolf-German shepherd hybrid dogs that escaped recently.

The dogs escaped an enclosure in the Cedar Grove area of Orange County, according to a news release from Orange County Animal Services spokeswoman Tenille Fox.

“We definitely don’t want people to feel like they have to have a huge fear of these dogs, but we are asking don’t approach them. We don’t know that they are really socialized at all. In fact, we kind of have the understanding that they are mostly not socialized,” Fox said.

The four dogs have not hurt anyone, but could “display aggressive tendencies when confronted by people,” the news release said. Officials did not say when the dogs escaped.

The hybrid dogs are not able to be kept as pets in Orange County. There is not an approved rabies vaccine for the breed, the news release said.

Officials said people should not try to capture the dogs.

While Fox said there have been no reports of any attacks, Bradley Hysell and his wife are keeping an eye out, especially with a new puppy.

“We definitely will. We haven’t seen any or heard a thing from the area where we live at. But will definitely keep a watch out especially with a dog,” Hysell said.

Fox said animal services has traps placed throughout the area.

“They are out. They are in a strange environment so they can be fearful. Just like any fearful animal they may be defensive or become a little aggressive,” she explained about the dogs.

There were originally 12 such dogs, but eight were captured while four remain on the run.

“Orange County Animal Services is asking the public not to feed the dogs or interfere with these trapping efforts. If the public does feed or interfere, it will severely hinder efforts to safely capture the dogs,” Fox said in the news release.

Anyone who sees the dogs is asked to call Orange County Animal Control at 919-942-7387, option 1.

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