HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A Tuesday afternoon bond hearing for a suspect in the killing of two Orange County teens in September revealed new details about the deaths of Lyric Woods and Devin Clark.

Issiah Ross, held without bond since he was charged in the deaths, sought to have a secured bond set at $200,000.

Devin Clark, 18, in a photo from his family and Lyric Woods, 14, in a photo from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

During the hearing, a prosecutor said the 14-year-old Woods and 18-year-old Clark were gunned down while running from a GMC Yukon in western Orange County early on the morning of Sept. 18.

“They both had shots at close range. They were executed. This was not some struggle over a gun and the gun went off. this was much more serious than that. And there was evidence of concealing a crime,” the prosecution said. “Ross poses a danger to the community. He is a flight risk.”

The prosecution prevailed in the argument and the judge in the case denied bond for Ross, who is now 18.

Also during the hearing, the prosecution said there were 13 shell casings collected in the area where the shooting took place off Buckhorn Road near Yarborough Road.

Woods was shot four times, including once in her neck at close range, the prosecutor said. Clark was shot five times, including once in the back of his head.

“They had been dragged or placed in the location they were oriented in the same direction — on their back arms outstretched,” the prosecutor said, adding the gun used to kill the teens was a 9 mm handgun that investigators say belonged to Devin Clark’s father. 

The teens were hidden behind tall brush — making them not visible from the road.

While investigators did find blood in the vehicle, they said there was not enough evidence to indicate the shooting happened inside of the GMC Yukon.

“There were no bullet holes in seats or exterior doors. No shell casings. The windows were not shot out,” the prosecution shared. “The blood was not in the amount consistent with people shot in the vehcile. It would be consistent with transfer.” 

A witness came forward to investigators, relaying that Ross had told him what had happened, the prosecution revealed in court Tuesday.

The witness detailed that Ross informed him Clark had asked for a ride to pick up Woods. 

The prosecution shared the witness elaborated, saying “Devin did bring the gun with him. Devin was beaming him with the gun, they struggled with the gun while sitting in the car. The gun went off in the car. The gun went off in the car and he was able to overtake the gun and he shot him in the vehicle. He said Woods was in the backseat, screaming and he shot her. He dumped the bodies so nobody would find them.” 

The conversation with the witness and with Ross occurred before the teens’ bodies were found. 

Prosecutors don’t believe Ross told the witness the accurate story.

Ross, although 17 at the time of the crime, is being tried as an adult for the killings and made his first court appearance in Nov.

Family members of the victims attended Monday’s court appearance and the one in Nov.

The next court date in the case is set for June 27 — the next available according to the judge.