RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — COVID-19 vaccine boosters are now available for children ages 5 and older, but with kids about to get out of school for summer, some parents want to know whether this is the best time to get their children boosted or whether it’s better to wait until closer to school starting.

As the school year winds down, families are thinking about summer plans, and if your children got their COVID shots at least 5 months ago, Triangle infectious disease specialists recommend those plans include booster shots.

UNC infectious disease expert, Dr. David Wohl, says there’s no reason to wait until fall, especially with COVID cases rising.

“Why wait to get vaccinated for a surge that may or may not happen, when we’re in the midst of a surge right now?” he reasoned.

While kids may not be in school all summer, most are involved in other activities.

That’s why Duke infectious disease expert, Dr. Cameron Wolfe says he also recommends getting kids boosted when they’re eligible.

“I think most of us on our summer breaks also have our kids in large clusters of friends or families or camps or different things,” he said. “Most summers are spent with lots of kids mingling around and perhaps different circles of friends that might have been traditionally mixing in the school environment.”

“Vaccinate your kids for sure before summer activities,” Wohl added. “This is the time you want that protection.”

According to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, 25 percent of children ages 5-11 in North Carolina are fully vaccinated. They are eligible for a booster five months after their second shot.