CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – As students started moving into the dorms at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Thursday, many said they are excited for the year ahead, yet some are concerned as the delta variant is spreading rapidly across the state.

The University is taking several precautions to protect students, faculty, and staff from COVID-19, which includes their indoor mask mandate. Everyone is required to wear masks in the classroom, in dining halls, and public areas inside campus buildings. In addition, students are also required to disclose their vaccination status upon coming to campus.

If students attest they have been vaccinated, they have an option to upload their vaccination card, but UNC officials told CBS 17 on Thursday it’s not required.

If students attest they have not been vaccinated, they are required to be tested weekly for COVID-19.
UNC-CH sophomore Ali Parker told CBS 17 she’s concerned that some students might not be truthful about their vaccination status.

“I am slightly worried about people faking their vaccination cards,” Parkers said. “I think that’s really not a cool thing to do, especially when our health and everyone else’s health is concerned.”

UNC officials told CBS 17 that the University does weekly random audits of the students’ vaccination cards.
However, officials said that the details of how exactly the University is checking the verification of these cards are not being made public.

The University also said right now there is no evidence of false vaccination cards on campus.

Currently, there’s no word on if UNC-CH plans to require students to show vaccination proof if they say they’ve been vaccinated.

“We have credible students here at Carolina. I believe that they are uploading accurate information and we’re going to have a highly vaccinated campus this fall,” said UNC-CH Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz.

While University officials said as of Friday, 85 percent of all students have been vaccinated – that includes students living off-campus.

Parents CBS 17 talked to said they just hope that the University is keeping a close eye on these vaccination cards and that they’re making sure they’re valid.

“If they’re pretending to be vaccinated and not getting tested, they’re putting everyone at risk, and that’s a huge concern,” said Maria Miller, a UNC-CH parent from Fayetteville.

Guskiewicz said so far, the university has not found any false vaccination cards that have been submitted.

If a student is caught submitting a fake vaccination card, UNC officials said these students could be suspended from campus.