CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) — UNC’s Friday Center has closed up shop through Monday as they wait for more COVID-19 vaccine doses to arrive.

UNC Health only received around 10,000 doses this past week.

“The demand is far outpacing the vaccine supply,” said Elizabeth Ramsey, director of clinical business operations for UNC Health.

UNC Health expects to receive 4,100 doses of the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine this week.

Some second-dose appointments have been pushed to Tuesday when the Friday Center clinic will reopen. First doses of the vaccine haven’t been affected so far.  

“I just hope they get more soon and for the people that do want to take it, I hope they’re able to,” said Trey Albritton, a Chapel Hill resident.

UNC Health says more vaccine doses would help make that possible.

The Friday Center is expected to receive more than 3,500 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine via UNC Health. 

Since the Friday Center clinic opened on Jan. 11, it has administered more than 32,000 vaccine doses.