RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Four people who have lived with colorblindness saw colors for the first time on Tuesday, thanks to a new partnership at UNC Chapel Hill.

One participant pointed out the color of flowers outside and the colors of bricks on the walkway — she said she didn’t know until today what she had been missing out on.

The partnership that made it all possible is between the university and EnChroma, a company who makes color-correcting glasses designed to alleviate symptoms of red–green color blindness.

On Tuesday, three students and one faculty member got to try the glasses for the first time, many of them pointing out the colors of shirts or banners on campus.

A new partnership at UNC-Chapel Hill is helping some see colors for the first time. (Deana Harley/CBS 17)

“There [are] a lot of instances where meaning is conveyed by means of color, and for someone who is colorblind and has trouble distinguishing that, it makes learning much more difficult,” said Laine Stewart, one of the professors behind the partnership.

Stewart also said colorblindness is more common than people think — and this partnership presents a way to even better serve UNC students. 

Additional pairs of the glasses will be available to be loaned out to any students, faculty or staff in the UNC community.