CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – The Morehead Planetarium and Science Center at UNC-Chapel Hill is debuting a new projection system this week. Planetarium officials hope it’ll give guests a more vivid look at outer space.

“Our old projectors were kind of like the Hubble telescope and we have a new James Webb telescope in there,” said Nick Eakes, astronomy educator at the planetarium.

The planetarium’s new 4K laser projection system is taking the dome theater fully digital.

“We’re starting to see more details of galaxies and stars that our system was projecting before but just not quite as much bright and not quite as much detail,” said Eakes.

This is the first upgrade to the system in 10 years.

Amy Sayle, science education specialist at the planetarium, is impressed by the change.

“The Milky Way Galaxy has the color it should have and the data sets when we add all the other galaxies- it just looks fantastic. I think it even looks more 3D,” said Sayle.

Sayle and Eakes hope the new system will help visitors gain a better understanding of what they’re looking at when they look up to the sky.