CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – It’s been a busy weekend in the Triangle as families fly in from all across the country to celebrate Mother’s Day as well as see their children walk across the stage in commencement ceremonies.

The influx of people coming to the area could mean a big boom in bucks for local businesses.

Many bright young individuals walked across the stage this morning at UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University.

Students like Mykel Yancey said they’re nervous but ready to make their mark in the world.

“I’m about to be in the real world. I don’t know how to feel but I’m very excited,” Yancey said.

We asked if he was ready for the world.

“Is the real world ready for me,” he responded while laughing.

UNC officials said nearly 6,200 students filled Kenan Stadium, turning their tassels from right to left, indicating their time as undergraduates has passed.

“I’m kinda in disbelief right now because we’ve had a crazy ride from like Silent Sam, our freshmen year, to COVID throughout most of our college. And now we’re back in person. It’s great to have an in-person experience,” Anusha Dubey said.

Not only are the students celebrating the big day but so are the mothers for Mother’s Day.

“This is her dream school. We moved from New York to North Carolina for her to get to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She got in, she graduated — we are very happy for her,” Maria Samodal said.

“It’s awesome being here for his graduation and seeing his fiancé graduate as well, it’s just a really special time for our family,” Kelly Lee said as she and her family enjoyed quality time at a local pizza joint.

Local businesses said they knew times like these would bring big crowds, which is why they hired more staffers and prepared to live up to the expectations.

“A lot of big checks, a lot of good money and work hard. We’re working many hours this weekend,” Angelo Marrone said.

He said his local pizza spot has been busy since Friday and they’re ready to make more dough. But he wasn’t the only one.

“Mother’s Day is generally the busiest holiday for restaurants. And so in a college town if you add graduation to that there’s going to be families everywhere,” said Eden Dunn, a manager at Linda’s Bar & Grill.

One mom said Linda’s Bar & Grill was special for her and her son Matthew Sullivan.

“This was the first place we came to and we sat in that booth having food. So to be seating here today again, four years later, I can’t even describe the feeling,” Evelyn Sullivan said as they enjoyed dinner.

Some graduates said they are taking time off while others are ready to jump into adulthood.

“I’m taking a year off. I’m taking a break. Doing some work then going back to graduate school next year,” Tina Samodal said.

“It’s been on the calendar for a while. It’s sad but also really happy that I’ll be moving forward,” Matthew Lee said.

Local businesses said they are already seeing a bigger crowd than last year.