CEDAR GROVE, N.C. (WNCN) – A CBS 17 viewer believes they spotted the four wolf-German shepherd hybrid dogs that remain on the loose in Orange County.

Wolf-German shepherd hybrids roaming around Orange County. (IC You Photography)

Orange County Animal Services have set traps throughout the area to capture the dogs who escaped an enclosure in recent days.

The photos of the dogs were taken earlier in the week at the intersection of Sawmill and Walnut Grove Church roads near Cedar Grove.

So far, Animal Control has successfully caught eight of the originally 12 escaped dogs, and are hoping the “strange environment” will make them fearful enough to walk into one of the traps, Orange County Animal Services spokeswoman Tenille Fox said.

Fox added that the unusual environment for the dogs could make them more aggressive, and the public is still instructed to not try and confront or capture the dogs themselves.

As of Tuesday, the dogs have not hurt anyone, but it is unclear how socialized they are and what their interactions with humans are like.

CBS 17 will continue updating this story as more information becomes available.