PITTSBORO, N.C. (WNCN)—Multiple Chatham County emergency responders helped with a paratrooper exercise, officials said.

Officials said 100 soldiers took part in the exercise where they parachuted into Jordan Lake. The assisting agencies took part through “rescuing” the soldiers and taking them back to shore.

The exercise helps soldiers gain experience and proficiency, officials stated.

“A water jump aims to allow units to validate safety training when jumping in an environment where water is present. Specifically deep water, there is always a potential for change in winds that can place you in water,” said MAJ Bradford Long, 95th Civil Affairs Brigade (Airborne) Commander. “The average jumper has heavy equipment and a heavy parachute and are not used to swimming in those conditions – this exercise allows units to practice safety measures in a safe, controlled environment to execute their training.”

And getting to work together, gives area emergency responders practice and experience that they don’t get all of the time.

“The military is the only group that local agencies can train with on such a large scale, in these types of dynamic environments, and under real-world conditions,” said Chatham County Emergency Management Director Steve Newton. “Public safety agencies respond to incidents on Jordan Lake and our rivers, especially during the summer months. The jump exercise is critical for different agencies to practice coordination, communications, and rescues on the water which we could neither emulate on land nor safely do with traditional volunteers as victims.”