RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Pounding the pavement to prove a point. 

Some Abbotts Creek Elementary School parents and kids protested the possible changes to where they will go to school next year.

This comes as Wake County School leaders unveiled the second draft of the re-assignment plans earlier in the week. 

Students and their parents bundled up on Friday morning, making signs to hold, to show how they want to stay with their friends and teachers at Abbotts Creek Elementary School.

“There’s a lot of families that rely on walking their kids to school,” said Cammy Sollie. “It’s safe. You only have to cross one neighborhood street and then it’s the greenway.” 

Sollie has two kids at the school. 

“It’s an amazing community and we want to keep that together,” added Derek Ommert, a parent.

Together, they walked to class.

Those kids might not be able to do that next year.

Right now, there’s a plan that would move some students from Abbotts Creek Elementary to Durant Elementary School, about a mile away.

“These schools here should be able to handle the amount of kids who grew into it,” added Natasha Hanselman, another parent. 

District officials said they’ve capped enrollment at Abbotts Creek because of overcrowding.

It’s a decision that has parents upset.

“We want them to develop a long-term plan and not keep moving kids once they hit capacity,” added Hanselman.

“Why right now? Why after everything we’ve been through?” asked Sollie. “Can we push this and give communities and elected officials time to make solutions that are going to last?”

They told CBS17 their kids have been through enough since the start of the pandemic. 

They want them to have some stability, and that means staying in the same school, with the same classmates.

“This is a huge support system,” added Ommert.

“We know the people here already,” said student Tyler Smith. “It’s not fun moving schools because we’d have to make all new friends. It’s just horrible.”

Parents said they are suggesting the use of other area schools, that are being considered as magnet schools, to help with overcrowding.

They plan to be at the school board’s public hearing on these plans on November 30th.