LEASBURG, N.C. (WNCN) – A Person County family said someone poisoned their dog, leaving them terrified. Julie Reynolds said her German shepherd, Lucy, loved everyone she met.

“She was so friendly,” she recalled. “Never harmed a soul.”

“She just puts her head on your leg, and she just looks at you, waiting for you to just love on her,” added Julie’s daughter, Kayleigh.

The family’s two dogs, Lucy and Chloe, have kennels on their property in Person County. On April 18, the family said they saw something alarming in Chloe’s bowl.

“Her water bowl was full of what appeared to be antifreeze,” Julie said. “From that point forward, we stopped putting bowls outside.”

They were concerned, but thought they were doing enough to protect their pups. Then, on April 30, Lucy got sick.

“She just kind of fell onto the floor and stayed there. And she was just breathing real hard and whining,” remembered Kayleigh.

After hearing her symptoms, they said the vet asked if the dog could have been around antifreeze. The substance is poisonous to dogs

It was too late for Lucy. There was nothing the vet could do.

“They were just trying to wait until we could all be there so we could tell her goodbye,” Julie said through tears.

The next night, Kayleigh said someone vandalized two vehicles in their driveway and another truck a couple of miles down the road. She said there was sugar and antifreeze in the gas tanks.

Kayleigh searched their property.

“I found the three cups out in the woods that were partially covered by pine needles and buried into the ground so just the top part was up,” she said. She said she also found an antifreeze container and a funnel.

Now Kayleigh said she’s scared to let her dog Chloe out without a leash. The family isn’t even comfortable going outside in their own yard. They hope investigators will find whoever did this.

“I want justice for Lucy,” Julie said. “There’s nothing we can do to bring her back but I would like for her to have justice.”

The Reynolds family said friends have offered a $2,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. Anyone with information can call the Person County Sheriff’s Office at 336-597-0500.