Person County man spends 4 months, dozens of gallons of paint to create turf sign in support of Joe Biden

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HURDLE MILLS, N.C. (WNCN) – A Person County man showed his support for former Vice President Joe Biden by creating a massive turf sign that simply says “Joe,” but is crafted in a way that expresses his deeper feelings about the presidential election.

John Clayton, of Hurdle Mills, spent four months and 28 gallons of paint creating the sign. The 70-year-old began in June by having a paint supplier create the red, white, and blue colors that match the colors on the American flag exactly.

“I committed myself to this project in June not knowing if I would be able to follow through with is,” Clayton wrote in an email. “To be honest, I had no idea it would involve the amount of effort and the quantity and expense of the paint.”

Clayton said he had to stave off the summer heat, as well as health issues in June that prevented him from working.

“I bought the first three gallons to help force me to follow through with the creation,” Clayton wrote.

The “J” is 34 feet tall. The “o” and “e,” both lowercase, are 18 feet in diameter. In all, the sign is about 60 feet wide. In the middle of the “o” is a relatively small American flag. Clayton said it is meant to depict the fragility of the United States’ democracy.

Clayton said he used latex paint thinned with water so it would penetrate the soil. He tried many different application methods. The most successful, he said, was a truck-washing brush made from horsehair.

“I had bought that horse brush 20 years ago and had never used it,” he said. “It was perfect for applying the paint.”

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