RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – North Carolina State University police are investigating two separate instances involving people getting shot with an air-powered pellet gun.

The first one happened Friday night and the second Tuesday night.

Students are speaking out about their safety on campus once the sun goes down or when they are walking alone.

According to the campus police’s Facebook page, the two incidents are separate. However both happened at the intersection of Hillsborough Street and Brooks Avenue.

“I think that very unsafe. And frankly if they’re making a joke out of this I don’t think that’s the joke they should be making,” Rana said.

Students say because their campus is open to the public they are aware of the potential dangers that happen at night. And its because of that reason they prefer to walk in groups and in the day time.

“I really don’t like to go at night time because it is a little weird there’s not as many people around. Yeah, we try to do daytime because obviously, it’s a little more safe in the day,” Daniels said.

Rising Junior student Lauren Clark, who is normally always by her side, agrees.

“It’s kinda unsafe to leave classrooms like down there on Hillsborough Street because anybody can stop and talk to you and ask you for anything,” Clark said.

Police were not able to get the description of the potential suspects other than, all white males from Tuesday night. Nevertheless, they were able to give campus police a description of the cars.

Tuesday night, the description was a white, four-door Nissan Altima heading east on Hillsborough Street.

Friday night’s description was a silver four-door pickup truck heading East on Hillsborough Street.

Clark spoke about taking a class late in the evening, which prevented her from walking in a group, but what she would want to see more of from campus police.

“I feel like maybe having more police on campus in certain areas would be good. Because I never saw police over there usually when I would leave the classroom. So that’s something to consider,” Clark told us.

CBS 17 did reach out to campus police for an interview but at this time they could not speak. They said the investigation is still ongoing and anyone with any details should reach out to campus police.

Another sophomore student by the name of Roshan Rana, who generally feels safe on campus, said the news was a bit alarming.

N.C. State has a listed a few things to prevent students from becoming victims. 

The campus community is always encouraged to take the following steps to keep themselves safe:

  • Assailants are more likely to target individuals walking alone, on darkened or unlit paths, or who are distracted by headphones or activities such as texting.
  • Walk in groups whenever possible, especially at night. Even in groups, be aware of your surroundings for yourself and the safety of others in your group.
  • Do not wear earbuds, headphones, or listen to music while walking alone.

– Safety Escort Services and public transportation are available as alternatives to walking. Individuals can contact Safety Escort Services at 919-515-3000.

– If you feel unsafe or threatened in any situation, trust your instinct and contact University Police immediately to report suspicious activities or crimes on campus by calling 911 or 919-515-3000