SCOTLAND NECK, N.C. (WNCN) — Scotland Neck police said they are investigating a series of shots fired calls located in the same area of a neighborhood over the past several days.

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The initial call

On Thursday, officers said they received the first of several shots fired calls near 8th Street and Chestnut Street. They said the call was in reference to a drive-by shooting.

When they arrived, they said witnesses did not want to cooperate.

No injuries were reported and there was no damage to property, according to the police department.

More shots reported

At about 2:30 a.m. Saturday, police said they received another shots fired call in the same area.

The caller said about 10 to 20 shots were fired, according to police.

Officers said they found shell casings at the scene and spoke to a few people who didn’t want to provide names or descriptions of the shooters.

They said there were no injuries or property damage.

Officers concerned about safety

Saturday afternoon at about 2:40 p.m., police said they received a third report of shots fired in the area.

When they arrived, they said they were unable to find any suspects or victims.

Investigators said they believe the calls are the result of an ongoing dispute.

“Our only concern are those who are innocent,” the police department said in a Facebook post. “The ones sitting in their homes that have nothing to do with the back and forth shooting and bickering.”

Police asked the public to not ignore the shootings, and to please call 911 so they can continue keeping a record.

“Eventually, this dangerous game will end one way or the other,” they said. “We are here to help and seek justice should anyone want to come forward.”

Police, deputies increase patrols

At 11:06 p.m. Saturday, officers said they received their fourth report of shots fired in the same area on the Eastside.

They said the call reported hearing about five or six shots in the area.

Similar to the other calls, police said they collected shell casings and there were no injuries or reports of property damage.

Officers said the police department and the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office have increased patrol.

According to the police department, one of their officers initiated a vehicle chase shortly after the fourth report of shots, but canceled the chase because speeds and conditions became unsafe.

Investigators said they do not know if this incident is related to the shots being fired.

They encourage residents to report any suspicious activity by calling 911.

2 homes shot

Before 10 a.m. Sunday morning, Scotland Neck police said two homes in the area were damaged from more gunfire in the area.

It was the first report of property damage since the shootings started.

No injuries were reported, according to the police department.

Investigators said most of the people involved in the ongoing dispute are on foot.

“Although there are witnesses, nobody is willing to give us the information we need to secure a warrant(s),” the police department said. “We could release more information, but people need to speak up and assist our investigation because that’s what’s going to resolve this.”

Police said they are patrolling the area.

They said they also requested more patrol from the sheriff’s office units in the projects located off NC-903 in the county, because they believe some of the suspects are in that area.

“Our concerns are the innocent residents and the parents/adults always in denial, even when they know what’s going on. It’s not our fault when we are right there and help is refused,” police said.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.