RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – At the beginning of the pandemic, Raleigh city officials implemented curbside pickup zones to help local businesses continue to serve customers even when their doors were closed.

This week, city council members agreed to make two dozen curbside pickup zones in the city permanent. Parking in these zones will be restricted to 30 minutes.

City staff say those pickup zones provide both customers of local businesses, and food delivery services, safe and convenient locations to pick up and drop off orders from businesses.

Click here to view a map of the curbside pickup zones in the city,

In addition, city council agreed to convert 11 loading zones into mixed use loading. The mixed use loading zones can be used for vendor deliveries or by customers for pick-up orders.

City staff said they alerted impacted property owners and business owners and received no
responses with concerns. The permanent conversion of these spaces will impact some visitors to downtown. The city reported the zones would take away 44 metered parking spaces throughout the Downtown Corridor.

This isn’t the city’s go around with making these spaces permanent. In March, they traded in 15 parking spots for eight curbside pick-up zones along Hillsborough Street near N.C. State.

Curbside pickup zones are not the only pandemic-era adjustments sticking around. In Nov. 2021, city leaders agreed to spend $500,000 from their American Rescue Plan funding to expand outdoor dining. The money was used create up to 20 permanent outdoor dining extensions for businesses.

The city agreed to construct the platforms, walls and security measures. Businesses were responsible for installing any plants, furnishings or heaters to personalize them. The spaces would take up what’s traditionally been parking or loading spaces.