The Raleigh City Council could vote Tuesday on a plan that would guide growth in two popular areas of the city for years to come.

The council will consider a plan for how high buildings along Hillsborough Street and in Cameron Village can be and whether they’re used for residential, business or mix-used purposes.

The process to get to the vote started in 2014. After years of discussion and getting feedback from 1,600 online surveys and 50 comments, city staff is now recommending that the council vote to go with what the majority of those people said they want, according to documentation in the city council agenda.

That’s what they’re calling the “moderate growth scenario.”

The height limit on buildings would vary on the area, according to the city planning director Ken Bowers. He told CBS North Carolina it would be the same or similar to existing zoning.

City Council Member Stef Mendell has expressed concerns about how Cameron Village has grown.

She told CBS North Carolina that taller buildings are appropriate in some places, but not in others.

Mendell said it’s important to find ways to accommodate all the people in these areas without destroying charm, character and affordable housing options.

Mendell said she and other council members have talked with people on different sides of the issue and she’s hopeful they can all reach a compromise on how to best grow these areas in Raleigh.

One community leader, Bob Geary, chair of the Hillsborough Citizens Advisory Council, wrote Monday in an email to other neighborhood groups that probably the only thing everyone can agree on is that the process has taken a couple of years too long.

The plan is not just about building heights and use.

Bowers said it also includes information on sidewalks, streetscapes and parking that should improve the areas for biking and walking.

The city council meeting is scheduled for 1 p.m.