RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A new ranking from WalletHub lists Raleigh and Durham in the top 15 best-run cities in America.

It comes from their new report, 2022’s Best and Worst Run Cities in America.

In the report, Raleigh is ranked No. 13 and Durham is ranked No. 10.

WalletHub compared 150 of the largest U.S. cities based on their operating efficiency to determine the effectiveness of local leadership.

They say they constructed a “Quality of City Services” score for each city, comprising 38 performance indicators grouped into six service categories: Financial Stability, Education, Health, Safety, Economy, and Infrastructure & Pollution.

They then measured that score against each city’s total per-capita budget.

Raleigh ranked higher in “Quality of City Services” ranking No. 13 overall, while Durham ranked No. 51 overall.

However, Durham ranked higher in “Total Budget per Capita” ranking No. 11 overall, while Raleigh ranked No. 29 overall.

Raleigh and Durham are two of four southeastern cities named in the top 15.

Lexington-Fayette, K.Y. was ranked No. 5 and Virginia Beach, V.A. was ranked No. 11.

WalletHub’s Top 15 Best-Run Cities in America is as follows:

  1. Nampa, I.D.
  2. Boise, I.D.
  3. Fort Wayne, I.N.
  4. Nashua, N.H.
  5. Lexington-Fayette, K.Y.
  6. Lincoln, N.E.
  7. Las Cruces, N.M.
  8. Oklahoma City, O.K.
  9. Missoula, M.T.
  10. Durham, N.C.
  11. Virginia Beach, V.A.
  12. Rapid City, S.D.
  13. Raleigh, N.C.
  14. Billings, M.T.
  15. Provo, U.T.

Other North Carolina cities ranked lower on the list.

Greensboro is ranked No. 27 and Charlotte is ranked No. 112.

Click here to see the full report.