RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A new analysis conducted by CBRE identifies the 25 top U.S. life sciences labor markets – and Raleigh-Durham ranked sixth in the top 25.

Job growth in the life sciences professions – from bioengineers and biochemists to microbiologists and data scientists – expanded by 79 percent since 2001 to about 500,000. The overall U.S. job growth in that span was eight percent.

“Raleigh-Durham’s workforce has been a strong driver in attracting and retaining life science companies to our market,” said Executive Vice President Lee Clyburn. “This report highlights Raleigh-Durham’s overall talent and the advantages it offers companies who do business here.”

The number of U.S. graduates in biological and biomedical sciences is another factor reflecting the sector’s growth. Raleigh-Durham in particularly produces significant PhDs in biological and biomedical sciences. 2.9% of the Raleigh-Durham population holds a PhD, which is the highest share of any major market.

The report delves into additional analysis, such as which markets have the highest concentrations of life sciences researchers, which registered the most percentage growth in research talent from 2015 to 2020 and which have the highest shares of biomedical and biological PhDs in their life sciences workforces.

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