RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Plenty of families were out in Raleigh on Sunday celebrating the dads in their life for Father’s Day.

“Very rewarding, but also tiring,” Cassio Fontes said of fatherhood.

And plenty of dads probably agree with that description, but on Sunday they took time to relax with their loved ones.

“[I] woke up to a little basket of gifts, little matching shirts, a really cute card, and a lot of books to read to [my daughter],” Fontes said.

While some dads spent the day outside at local parks, families inside of The Cardinal at North Hills, a senior living community, were celebrating being together again for a Father’s Day brunch for the first time in three years.

“They’re very excited to get back to normal, even though it’s a new norm, it’s good that they get to meet with their families, they get to have visitors, they’re able to celebrate Father’s Day,” Beverly Hatchett, a customer service representative with The Cardinal, said.

Some people at The Cardinal told us their dads couldn’t even make it to that brunch today, but they still had family come because they’re soaking up the chance to be together again after the pandemic limited visitors.

“It was not good at all, it was lonesome” one resident, Sarah Furlong, said.

One new mom we spoke with in Raleigh says she couldn’t do her job without the help that dad provides.

“He’s been really good and he’s taken over the nightshifts, which are the worst for me,” Ruby Mendoza said.

Dads were happy to spend Sunday with their families, but more importantly, to spend every day watching their families grow.

“It’s awesome,” Hatchett said. “They’re excited to see their family members, they get to see their grandkids grow up.”