SANFORD, N.C. (WNCN) — From drugs and prostitution to mold and bugs, tenants in Stewart Manor say enough is enough. After they got nowhere with the Sanford Housing Authority, they reached out to CBS 17. 

“Normally, there’s urine on this side. You got to stand on that side,” Carla Hooker, a tenant said.

That’s just a way of life, residents of this public housing complex in Sanford said. 

Claudia Ridgelm showed CBS 17 the rusted metal in her oven. She told us bedbugs persist and she can’t use the fan in her bathroom. She said bats would fly in. 

Then there’s Judy McKeithan who said the property manager made her move to a new apartment last week. It’s not handicap accessible. 

“I ain’t got no space to turn around. So if I go up in here I get stuck,” McKeithan said. 

She’s finding it hard to use the bathroom and shower. She said she told the project manager the new apartment wouldn’t work and they didn’t care.

Stewart Manor helps elderly and disabled people who have nowhere else to go. 

“I was assaulted Thanksgiving weekend,” Linda Scott, another tenant said.

Then there are the safety concerns. These women say prostitutes and drug dealers work the building. A security guard is only on hand five hours a week. 

Scott said she reported the assault to police and the property manager

“The young lady is still coming in the building and nothing is being done,” Scott said.

All of them tell similar stories: Calls made, reports filed, but little to nothing has been done. 

CBS 17 stopped by the Sanford Housing Authority to speak with its CEO.

Her secretary said she was in a meeting and we should email her. We haven’t heard back. We’ll let you know when we do.