ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. (WNCN) — The past six months have been anything but easy for Cynthia Moses.

“The thing that is keeping me going is I see so many parents, sisters, brothers, fathers that are losing their children and their kids are not even reaching 20 years old. I had him for 43 years,” Moses said.

On June 11, Moses’ son, Steven Malik Dalmida, was killed in a shooting.

“I know that we all suffer loss, but [no],” she said as she shook her head.

The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office said Dalmida was found shot by someone passing along London Church Road outside Elm City.

The person who found him and first responders could not save his life.

Investigators believe Dalmida’s murder is the result of something that started in the Rocky Mount area and spilled over into Wilson County.

“I was just very proud of him because I was like, ‘yes! He got a good woman. He got a good job’,” Moses said. “I know when he left here, he was happy and he was in love.”

Through her grief journey, Moses said she looked for additional support.

“The closest one was Wilson as far as a support group. I’m like why doesn’t Rocky Mount have it. Especially with everything that is going on here,” she said.

So, recently she has decided to start her own emotional support group. Moses said she has partnered with a nearby church.

“I know if we have this group, we can help each other. Maybe take it even further. We have to start somewhere. We can’t be afraid. My son was taken from here (and) shot multiple times. So, why would I be afraid to try and do something to change,” said Moses.

Investigators said they are waiting on forensic evidence and pursuing additional information and leads.

As for Moses, she told CBS 17 that she has a location to hold meetings.

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