ROXBORO, N.C. (WNCN) — Dozens of protesters gathered at the Person County Courthouse in Roxboro Monday demanding Confederate statues on the grounds be removed.

The county commissioners say the statues will stay put for now, saying the community must raise around $20,000 on their own to have the statues moved.

The protesters taped their mouths in response saying they feel silenced. 

“This isn’t about Black lives matter, white lives matter — this is about right and wrong. You tell us to get over racism but we can’t while looking at this every day,” said Danielle Short, a Roxboro resident.

The Person County Commissioners said it comes down to funding, but some protestors say they have 900 signatures from community members wanting to see the statues moved.

They say they’re disappointed that their voices were not heard. 

“Everybody watched the news and seen what happened in these other cities. We didn’t loot. We don’t want that for Roxboro. We wanted something peaceful and they slapped all our efforts in the face by refusing to remove the statue,” said Luther Perkins, a Roxboro resident.

However, not everyone in the town agreed as the group was met with counter protesters.

“The statue has stood here for 100 years — it should stay. A lot of my ancestors didn’t have a tombstone because they were killed in battle. Ripping this statue down is basically defacing a grave,” said Catherine Chambers, a Person County native.

The group says they will keep protesting everyday until the statues come down. 

A member of the Roxboro Veterans Council said they’re happy to move the statues to their veteran’s park when the proper funds are raised. They also say that some local businesses are trying to find ways to raise the money needed so the statues can come down peacefully. 

The county commissioners did not respond to CBS 17 requests for an on-camera interview.