RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Five days after Kiara Wiggins was reported missing, her husband was taken into custody.

Carl Earl Andre Wiggins, 49, was wanted for questioning in his wife’s disappearance. He had a warrant for a stolen truck out of Bladen County.

Kiara family’s is now hoping detectives can get some answers out of Carl Wiggins about where she is.

“That’s all I’m asking for is peace and answers,” said Judy Murray, Kiara’s older sister. Murray said the two were very close and spoke on the phone every day. She told CBS 17, her sister went several days without answering her phone calls. That’s when she thought there could be something wrong.

“I started getting this uneasy feeling. I said something is not sitting right with me. Where is my darn sister?” Murray recalled.

Murray last saw Kiara June 9. She was reported missing June 18.

She can’t help but feel guilty about her little sister’s disappearance.

“If I knew she needed me for anything, you know I would have been there. I would have been there for her,” Murray told CBS 17 as she teared up.

Murray said she ran into Carl on Saturday at the Budget Inn in Clinton. She said Carl told her Kiara was with a friend. Murray said Kiara was usually only around herself or Carl.

“[I said] give me her number so I can contact her so I can make sure she’s okay. And like I said, he just blew up, jumped in the vehicle and took off,” said Murray.

Past criminal record

Mother, Lora Beamon, said Carl kept his distance from the family. She learned from CBS 17 about his criminal record spanning 30 years.

His record lists charges in Wake County, New Hanover County, and Sampson County. He’s listed as a habitual felon with charges including resisting an officer, breaking and entering vehicles and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Beamon said her daughter married Carl Wiggins 12 years ago. While the family remains close, she said Carl Wiggins kept his distance from the family. She said she saw less of her daughter after their marriage.

“My children are grown. I can’t tell them what to do, where to go, or who to marry. But I do wish I had known a little more about him,” said Beamon.

Now all she’s hoping for is some kind of answer from Carl Wiggins.

“I’m just hoping that they find her but like I said, it’s been tough for me,” said Beamon.

The family is leaving this in the hands of law enforcement.

“They need to put the pressure on him because we need to find her. I don’t think it’s good anymore but let me give her some peace,” said Murray.

Chase leads to arrest

Carl Wiggins was arrested following a pursuit on the interstate. According to the Sampson County Sheriff’s Office, the chase started when Four Oaks police officers in Johnston County noticed the vehicle Carl Wiggins was accused of stealing.

The officers attempted to pull over the vehicle when the chase started, leading police briefly into Sampson County, back through Johnston County before ending in Wake County.

Deputies said the chase ended in Wake County after spike strips were deployed, causing the suspect’s vehicle to crash into a construction barrier on I-40 near Jones Sausage Road.