CLINTON, N.C. (WNCN)- The Sampson County Sheriff’s Office tells CBS 17 the husband of a missing woman isn’t cooperating with law enforcement’s investigation into her disappearance.

Kiara Wiggins was last seen by her family on June 9. They reported her missing on June 18.

Her husband was wanted for stealing a truck out of Bladen County after she went missing. He was also wanted for questioning in Kiara Wiggins’s disappearance.

After leading police on a car and foot chase Wednesday, Carl Wiggins, 49, was arrested, police said.

Kiara Renee Wiggins, 39

Carl Wiggins has asked for a lawyer before he is willing to talk while he is being held on a probation violation.

“Until we find the body dead or alive, we got to have hope that we’ll find her alive,” said Sampson County Sheriff Jimmy Thornton.

More than two weeks after her disappearance, Thornton is holding out hope his detectives can find Kiara Wiggins alive, even without help from her husband.

“It definitely complicates. It doesn’t make it any easier”

Investigators have 962-square miles of the county to search. The sheriff said detectives have locations in mind to search but did not want to disclose what those areas were. Detectives are largely relying on witnesses and help from the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office.

“We just have to hope and pray that somebody may know something that we may not have checked out, and come forth and tell us,” Thornton said.

The immediate next steps are for investigators to search the truck Carl Wiggins was arrested fleeing to see if that gives them any clues. Thornton said Carl Wiggins took Kiara Wiggins’ car to Bladen County, dropped it off and stole the truck.

Carl Wiggins faces five new charges after leading police on a chase in a stolen car:

  • Larceny of motor vehicle
  • Flee/elude arrest with motor vehicle
  • Possess stolen automobile
  • Misdemeanor probation violation

“When they call me, tell me they think they caught him, it lifts a little of the burden off of me. I kind of feel kind of happy. I just want him to come out, tell y’all, or tell somebody where she at,” said Lora Beamon, Kiara Wiggins’ mother.

Past criminal record

Beamon told CBS 17 she wishes she had known more about Carl Wiggins’ past.

CBS 17 found his criminal record goes back 30 years.

His record lists charges in Wake, New Hanover, and Sampson counties. He is listed as a habitual felon with charges including resisting an officer, breaking and entering vehicles, and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Neighbors told CBS 17 they heard arguing between the couple in the past.

Thornton said his office had no call history to the house.

“Not knowing what kind of domestic problems may have existed, there’s no female that should be in any relationship that there’s any hint or display of violence,” said Thornton.

Beamon said Carl Wiggins kept his distance from the family.

“She used to come around with us. When she married him, she stopped coming,” the mother said.

The family has been pushing for answers from Carl Wiggins for weeks. While he was on the run, they did their own brief search and found him at a Budget Inn in Clinton. They got into argument and he took off.

Police are continuing to track all his movements since Kiara Wiggins was last seen.

“We don’t never give up. We don’t never lose hope. We continue to do what we have to do,” Thornton said.

The sheriff said his office is taking the investigation day by day. Kiara Wiggins’s family is doing the same.