RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Summer is wrapping up and fall is just around the corner.

While springtime is most common for babies of all species, animal experts say people in the Triangle might see some this time of year as well.

According to Cary Animal Services, eastern gray squirrels may have an additional litter in the late summer months.

(Cary Animal Services)

“Since it takes about 50 days for squirrel kits to wean, this second group of young will stay with their moms through the winter,” they said.

Experts said you might see these babies, especially after big storms that could blow their nests out of the tree.

They ask that you keep pets away and give the mother squirrel time to fix the nest and reclaim the babies.

If you need to move them, Cary Animal Services said they should be placed in an open box with leaves, serving as a temporary nest, at the bottom of the tree they fell from.

If you don’t know which tree they fell from, experts said you should put the box closest to where you found them.

Cary Animal Services asks anyone with questions to reach out to them for advice.

Click here to see a list of licensed rehabbers from NC Wildlife.

Click here to see a list of licensed rehabbers from Wildlife Welfare.