RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Sunday is expected to be a record travel day for many heading home after the holidays.

Officials say 10 million people are expected to fly out this holiday weekend.

The surge in travel comes as many airports are experiencing flight delays and cancellations.

The omicron COVID-19 variant mixed with strong winter storms is proving to be a terrible mix for a record travel weekend.

After spending the holiday weekend with her family Erika Brockhoff is eager to get back home to New Jersey.

“I need to get back to work tomorrow so I’m hoping that I’m able to get out today,” said Brockhoff while she was at RDU International Airport Sunday.

She’s keeping her fingers crossed. Her flight was delayed Sunday afternoon.

“A few hours ago I found out and mainly because the air traffic is insane in Newark,” Brockhoff said.

All across the country airlines are experiencing delays or cancellations, but it’s not just because of staffing shortages and the omicron variant, a winter storm is expected to hit the Northeast bringing heavy snow.

Delays and cancellations at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport had many spending their New Years Day at the airport.

At RDU Sunday, crowds were pretty mellow for an expected heavy travel day.

There appeared to be few delayed or canceled flights most of them from areas like Detroit, Chicago and New Jersey.

That was a big relief for Kevin Likuyani.

“I was expecting it to be like a madhouse here and it’s surprisingly calm which is a welcome to actually experience at this point,” said Likuyani.

Melva Toomer told CBS 17 she’s holding on to hope her flight departs without any problems.

“Keeping my fingers crossed, hoping everything is OK that we don’t get delayed too much and I hope I can get back too,” said Toomer.

Some airlines say they are taking steps to reduce cancellations. United Airlines is offering to pay pilots triple or more of their usual wages for picking up open flights through most of January.