RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — For the second straight year, St. Augustine’s hosted a two-day seven on seven football camp on Thursday at George Williams Athletic Complex.

“We’ve got eight schools here today, and we’ve got eight more coming tomorrow,” said St. Augustine’s head football coach David Bowser. “We’ve increased the numbers from last year when we only had 10 schools. It’s great to get them on campus because some of the kids don’t even know about St. Augustine’s.”

For historically black colleges and universities like St. Augustine, recruiting is of the utmost importance. Getting local high school teams to play on your home field can pay dividends down the road.

“You love this kind of atmosphere because the competitive nature comes out and you get to see how hard they get after it,” Bowser explained. “We’re looking for kids who want to compete and we also get to see how coachable they are. This is great for us, I love it.”

And the level of competition at this year’s event is the best it’s ever been. Bowser went looking for quality schools to showcase his camp and those teams showed up.

“Dudley and Mt. Tabor are both here today on our campus and that’s big,” gushed Bowser. “Those kids get the chance to visit our campus and get to know our coaches and they’ll remember us in the fall when we come back to their schools to visit and recruit. The biggest thing about it is getting kids on your campus who may never have been there before. We’ve got a beautiful campus and an exciting program.”