RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Whether you’re traveling by air or on the road this holiday season, you’re likely going to see some hiccups as winter weather impacts northern regions.

Drivers CBS 17 spoke with said they were hitting traffic here in North Carolina because of the weather already.

“It’s been a little rough here and there,” Erin McRoy, one traveler, said.

“It’s terrible today,” Robert Birdsey, another traveler, said. “I mean it’s just slow and stop and go, and the rain is terrible, we’ve seen three accidents.”

Despite a winter storm expected to impact some northern destinations like Chicago and extreme cold temperatures stretching to Pennsylvania, travelers said they’re not too worried about what they’ll run into, but they’re still prepared.

“We have a lot of clothes, blankets, we have food,” Sandra Rivera, who was headed to Pennsylvania, said.

“You have to expect the unexpected with the bad weather, just take your time, arrive home safe,” Tony McRoy, another driver, said.

N.C. Department of Transportation officials say if you don’t have to travel over the next few days, don’t. But if you do have to be behind the wheel, they do have some tips.

“Take it easy, take it nice and slow, give yourself plenty of time wherever you’re going, keep aware of your surroundings, keep a good distance between you and the car ahead of you,” Jonathan Rand with NCDOT said.

Those extra precautions could make all the difference in a happy holiday with your loved ones.

“Our son is now 44 years old and we’ve never missed a Christmas with them, so got to keep it up,” Birdsey said.

NCDOT said they didn’t have trucks out prepping the roads because there’s no snow forecasted for the state, but they say they’re prepared to deploy those trucks if anything changes.