The future of fast food is arriving in NC

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Your favorite Big Mac isn’t going anywhere but you may notice some changes happening at McDonald’s.

And they’re not the only restaurant getting a re-think.

“It was real easy for me,” said Danny Keen.

He visited the fast food chain in Smithfield.

The company is investing $214 million to modernize more than 400 North Carolina restaurants.

“We hope to be ahead of all the other restaurants,” said owner of a Smithfield McDonald’s franchise, Fred Huebner. 

At many of the fast food establishments, you’ll also find ways to pick your meal through an app, and/or get table service.

Huebner said, “those ‘A’ frames has GPS in there so we don’t have to be calling out the number and asking where they are.”

But McDonald’s isn’t the only chain giving their customers new options.

Taco Bell Cantina has more than just nachos on the menu.

With a festive vibe across from N.C. State University, you can find alcoholic frozen drinks and beer.

Plus, new in Cary, a Domino’s “Pizza Theater.”

It gives customers a clear view of their pie being made.

Back at the McDonald’s, Huebner said, “they’re responding very well.”

Huebner owns three McDonald’s franchises, and thinks the changes are only the beginning.

“I’ve been with McDonald’s now for 46 years,” he said. “I’ve been operator for 32 years, and I haven’t left yet, so I think the future is very bright.”

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