RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN)–We all know how expensive gas is right now, but airfare costs are also going up.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says airfare costs went up 18.6 percent from March to April. It’s the highest monthly increase since the agency started keeping track of costs.

It comes as travel agents had been looking forward to a bounce back from the pandemic.

“It’s one thing after another, so it’s just a continuation of being flexible,” said Mallory Dumond, travel advisor with Travelmation.

Dumond tells CBS 17 most clients are still wanting to go on their trips, and they’re willing to sacrifice certain elements of the vacation. CBS 17 asked her how people can save money to make up for the airfare.

“We’re going to look at the room category they’re booked into, if they’ve got the highest level of butler suite there is at that resort, we might want to knock it down a little bit and go club level,” Dumond said. “If they’re looking at going for 7 to 8 nights, we might need to look at five to six.”

Another piece of advice: book your flight now because economists say costs are going to get even more expensive.