RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Saturday evening, several drivers along I-440 were forced to slow down during a downpour of rain.

CBS 17 News witnessed traffic building up after 6 p.m. while driving the Weather Beast as drivers tried to maneuver around several inches of standing water.

Some people who attempted to drive through the rising water found themselves stalled in traffic.

Cars off the interstate in Raleigh were also found stuck in flood water off of Atlantic Avenue.

Police stepped in to help monitor traffic and get cars towed.

A family in Durham living in a home off of Bacon Street told CBS 17 News that it wasn’t just traffic issues that people were dealing with, but storm damage.

A brother of the homeowner said three people were inside of the home when a large tree fell on top of their roof.

The family said they are not only dealing with damage to a couple of their cars, but they’re also looking at a significant amount of damage inside of the home, as well.

Durham Firefighters who responded to the call said the American Red Cross was going to assist the family and make sure they had a place to stay Saturday night after power was shut off.

The family said it was a shocking moment for everyone, but fortunately everyone inside was okay.