CARY, N.C. (WNCN) —  North Carolina lawmakers have dubbed this year the year of the trials.

In honor of the more than 300 miles of trails in the Triangle, there were celebrations Saturday all over the different parts of the American Tobacco Trail.

It was a picture perfect morning, with people enjoying the sunshine and warm weather.

“I run and bike out here, it’s nice,” said Andrew Mohn.

He told CBS 17 he comes out on the Greenways as much as he can. 

“The community is in love with the Greenways and they are pretty heavily used,” said Sandy Bailey, the transportation planner for the Town of Cary.

With the trail spanning 22 miles, Durham city leaders and Cary town officials came together for the Great Trail Day, to show off just a fraction of what the area has to offer.

“The state has so many different kinds of trails, paved trails, unpaved paddle trails that there’s a lot to celebrate and and to tout and to be proud of,” explained Bailey.

(Al Currie/CBS 17)

But as more people get out and about outside, safety is top of mind.

“I’ve generally felt fairly safe. I ride by myself a lot and so it is something I think about a little bit, but I think probably unfortunately women are probably a little more concerned about it,” said Mohn.

There have been assaults and security issues within Raleigh’s sections of the Captial Area Greenway.

Police even unveiled a six-person patrol unit last summer. 

“I think maybe the presence or just the idea that they could be here, you know, someone watching, could be helpful,” said Mohn.

But Cary officials said they aren’t there yet. 

“Our greenways are fairly safe, and we just haven’t had a lot of incidents on Cary Greenways, but we are always aware of it,” said Bailey. “We continuously evaluate that. And I think the police our police department is always on top of it.”

During the celebrations, there were guided trail bike rides, demonstrations.

To commemorate the Year of the Trails, there is a special shirt people can order through the Durham Parks Foundation.