RALEIGH, N.C. — Some shoppers in the Triangle spent Thursday cashing in on some early Black Friday deals.

“Down here I’m able to get some items that you won’t find at the Bass Pro in Maryland, also I want to catch Black Friday sales and deals,” James Cash, one shopper, said.

The National Retail Federation says around 166 million people are expected to shop over the holiday weekend, with 115 million of those shoppers planning to do so on Black Friday. The rise of online retailers, though, has changed some shopping traditions.

“It depends on if I see something that I really want,” Cash said. “Other than that, [I’ll] go online.”

On Thursday, though, ahead of a big turkey dinner, some Triangle families took advantage of less crowded stores and found hefty discounts on some items at Bass Pro Shops in Cary.

“Fishing stuff, hopefully [I’ll get] some good bass fishing stuff, as well as clothes, comfortable clothes,” one shopper, Jake, said.

With many big-box retailers like Target and Walmart keeping their doors closed on Thanksgiving, some shoppers made Thursday a one-stop shop before heading home for the rest of the holiday.

“Just get home, maybe watch some football, eat some good food,” one shopper said.