RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Updated COVID-19 boosters could be coming to a pharmacy near you.

On Tuesday the CDC approved recommendations for the vaccine for anyone six months or older.

CDC Director, Dr. Mandy Cohen says if you’ve gotten the vaccine in the past your immunity goes down over time.

“We’re in a better place than we’ve ever been,” said Cohen. “Most folks have either gotten vaccinated, gotten COVID or both so we do have some underlying immunity but again that immunity is decreasing over time, or the virus is changing.”

Although the shot is recommended for anyone six months or older Cohen says the CDC especially recommends the shots for those over 65.

“Those are the folks who should be going out and calling their doctor right now or making an appointment at a pharmacy right now to get their shot… Because what we are seeing is most of the deaths from COVID, 80% of them, are from folks over 65,” said Cohen.

Pharmacies could start taking appointments as early as this week.

CVS says they expect local pharmacies in the Triangle to begin getting the supply of new vaccines as early as today in hopes of it being available by the end of this week.

Wake County clinics are also expected to have the vaccines early next week.