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Vance County man sentenced for robbing 2 people, hiding gun in teen girl's pants

HENDERSON, N.C. (WNCN) - A Henderson man has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for obstruction of justice and possession of a firearm, according to a Department of Justice release.

Charlie O'Bryant Terry, 33, of Henderson, pleaded guilty to a 2017 crime in which he robbed and assaulted potential buyers of a car he was selling.

The release said that, on Jan. 10, 2017, Terry tried to sell a vehicle to two people for $3,000. While driving the potential buyers to get the money, the check engine light came on.

After a check at an AutoZone, the potential buyer said he didn't want to purchase the vehicle because of the issues, the release said.


Terry, who was angry, drove the man and woman to a rural area in Vance County instead of taking them home. The release said that Terry then pulled the man from the car and hit him with a firearm multiple times.

He also pulled the woman from the car and put the pistol in her mouth, the release said.

Terry then stole the victim's cellphone and the $3,000 before leaving them on the side of the road.

The male victim was hospitalized and required staples for a laceration to his head, the release said. 

Terry was arrested on April 3, 2017 by U.S. Marshals. 

While making the arrest at his girlfriend's residence, officers noticed an "odd bulge" in his girlfriend's 14-year-old daughter's pants, the release said.

A search of the juvenile revealed a .22 caliber Taurus semiautomatic firearm loaded with nine rounds. 

While detained at the Vance County Jail, Terry encountered in the jail one of the victims from the car incident. He approached the individual and told him to change his statement, the release said. He wanted the victim to change his story, saying that the two only got in a fight.

The victim refused, and Terry threatened him, according to the DOJ.

Following Terry's arrest, federal agents seized and executed a search warrant on his phone. On it were selfies of himself with a .223 caliber AR-15. The firearm had been reported stolen, the release said.

The release said the arrest was part of Project Safe Neighborhoods. 

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