LOUISBURG, N.C. (WNCN) – Wednesday morning, Franklin County officials arrested 59-year-old Todd Rogers after deputies said he shot and seriously injured three people.

Rogers is charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon and intent to kill.

Since Rogers is behind bars a family member of the three victims is speaking out.

Tabatha Gourley is the sister of the husband who was shot, along with his wife and son. She said Rogers has always been a problem in their community, not getting along with neighbors. But still, she does not know why this happened to this degree.

“It was a confrontation, and then the neighbor just took out a gun and started shooting,” Gourley said. “They were just smoothing out the path. And see, his driveway is on up the path. They weren’t even close to his driveway. They were just in front of his house, which is a public driveway.”

Police and detectives searched for Rogers for almost 24 hours before he was captured.

“The deputies initially spotted him. No, he did not come up with his hands up, but he did eventually (and) he did surrender peacefully,” Terry Wright with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said.

Gourley opened up about how the shootings impacted her family in an emotional response.

“My nephew got shot in the face…my brother got shot in the arm and it hit his main artery,” she said. “And my sister-in-law, she got grazed.”

She shared that her nephew might have to lose his eye but he remains strong and grateful to be alive.

She said she’s happy Rogers is in jail, therefore he can’t hurt anyone else.

“I don’t want him to just get a slap on the wrist and let go and him end up doing something to somebody else and end up killing somebody,” she said.

Rogers is currently being held at the detention center on a $500,000 bond.