Video shows new Sharpsburg mayor’s confrontation with CBS 17 reporter

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Video from Tuesday afternoon shows the new mayor in Sharpsburg yelling at and pushing a CBS 17 reporter.

On May 8, the night Robert Williams Jr. won the election for Sharpsburg mayor, he was arrested on a DWI charge.

An emergency meeting Tuesday in response to some allegations ended up being canceled because the new mayor was late.

CBS 17 reporter David Hurst was there for the meeting and tried to ask Williams questions.

However, Williams tried to block the CBS 17 camera, yelled at Hurst and pushed him away at one point, according to video.

Williams walked through a parking lot to a black pickup truck.

“Get out of my face, man! Bye!” Williams said while appearing to shove Hurst.

“You’re not allowed to touch me, by the way,” Hurst said.

“You’re not allowed to be filming,” Williams responded.

“Yeah, I am, it’s public property,” Hurst said. He also asked if Williams had been drinking.

The mayor then walked to a white pickup truck, dropped his keys, but then opened the truck door.


The North Carolina Police Benevolent Association claims Williams is abusing his position to retaliate against the town’s police officers following the new mayor’s arrest.

One week after mayor Williams was sworn in, he was back in the town council chambers facing accusations of inappropriate behavior against the town’s police officers.

In a letter to the town, the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association accused Williams of making “Racially charged insults and inappropriate hand gestures directed at officers.”

Williams is also accused of violating state law by removing Councilman Randall Collie as the town’s police commissioner and appointing the police chief to the position. 

The accusations come after Sharpsburg police pulled Williams over and charged him with driving while under the influence the same night he was elected.

He is also facing gun and resisting arrest charges.

The North Carolina Police Benevolent Association claims there was a second traffic stop after the DWI charge in which the mayor convinced officers not to give him a ticket for driving while his license was revoked.


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