RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A charred roof, collapsed walls and the smell of smoke still lingered in the air during the afternoon after a fire broke out at an apartment complex on Shanda Drive in Raleigh on Sunday morning.

At about 5:06 a.m., officers say fire crews were called to Legacy at Six Forks, an apartment complex on Shanda Drive.

“No one ever thinks that these things can happen to them, but they can truly happen to any of us,” Cally Edwards with the Red Cross, said.

CBS 17 spoke with a woman off camera who said her mother was inside one of the apartment units when the fire broke out. She says her mom had to escape the apartment barefoot. Red Cross volunteers were quick to jump into action.

“For many of these folks, they don’t have somewhere to go, or they might be ale to stay with family as well, but the Red Cross can provide some financial assistance to help them with those urgent needs,” Edwards said.

While ten people were displaced, no one was injured.

Red Cross volunteers said this weekend alone they responded to a number of fires in the Raleigh area, and during this time of year they’re used to seeing an increase in house fires.

“We’ve been having such beautiful fall weather, but this weekend we did see a little bit of the cold, the temperatures dropped a little bit, and with that we always see an uptick in home fires because people are turning on their heat, they’re starting to do things to stay warm,” Edwards said.

They say it’s a tragic reminder to check your smoke alarms frequently.

“When your smoke alarm goes off, you typically have less than two minutes to escape your home, so that is really about life safety, grabbing your loved ones, and getting out of the house,” Edwards said.

As of Sunday afternoon, the cause of the fire was unknown.