WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WNCN) — People filled the streets of Wake Forest Friday for the penultimate Friday Night on White event of the year. It was the first since the town put a lengthy statement on Facebook calling for help to curb unruly behavior of teenagers witnessed at previous events.

More than a thousand people, including Maria Jerscynski, packed onto White Street for Friday’s event, “It’s a good time. We’re here in Wake Forest, it’s the best place on a Friday night.”

Crowds enjoyed all the event has to offer, including live music and food and drinks from local vendors.

“One of the main reasons that I love it is because we are able to support local and that’s very important to me and my family,” said Tracy Dupler.

Since starting in 2016, the event has continued to surge in popularity.

More than 1,000 people gather for a Friday Night on White event in downtown Wake Forest. (Harrison Grubb/CBS 17)

“It seems like every week that we come here, it just gets busier and busier,” Dupler said, adding that she often runs into friends at the monthly event.

Along with the rise in popularity has also come an apparent increase in unruly behavior from teenagers and preteens.

A few weeks ago, the Town of Wake Forest put out a lengthy statement on Facebook, calling for help from parents and caregivers to help cut down on these types of behaviors.

According to the post, police have broken up several fights at the event so far this year, and also responded to calls of property damage at downtown businesses. The vast majority of these incidents, the statement says, are from unsupervised teens and preteens.

Several people at Friday night’s event said they haven’t personally seen any of these types of behaviors while attending.

“Coming from me being a mall rat when I was a teenager, and not really thinking that the malls are safe anymore, I would actually just rather my kid be here as opposed to maybe at the mall every weekend to be honest with you,” Dupler explained.

CBS 17 reached out to the Town about these incidents, officials said they were standing by the previous statement put out last month, adding the community response has been mostly positive. They hoped Friday’s penultimate event of the year would have improved behavior.