RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A Raleigh area Boys and Girls Club is about to become an even more enjoyable space for the city’s youth.

On Wednesday, the staff was hard at work unboxing new fun additions to the facility located on North Raleigh Boulevard. It’s thanks to a partnership with Aaron’s, which made the $20,000 renovation of the club’s teen room possible.

The additions include new gaming systems, furniture, a multi-media and podcasting room, a fitness center, and more.

“Our organization operates like a nonprofit, so most of the things that we have in our clubs are donated and some of these items have been here since the club opened in 2014 so this definitely fills a need,” said Christopher Burwell Sr., Unit Director Boys and Girls Club Teen Center.

“It will allow the kids to stay here. They’re not out. They’re making good decisions and having a great time with their friends and community. It’s something that Aaron’s feels strongly about because we know the future starts with our kids,” said Michael Austin, Regional Manager at Aaron’s Raleigh.

Teens who attend the Boy’s and Girls Club helped pick out some of the new additions to the space and will get a first-hand look at it all during the big reveal Thursday afternoon.