CARY, N.C. (WNCN) – Almost 30 cars were broken into at a Cary apartment complex. Those break-ins happened in what some people thought was a secure parking garage. 

Shards of glass on the floor and in car seats were visible signs of car break-ins at Lantower Weston Corners. The Cary apartment complex was the latest site of a string of car break-ins the area has seen.

“My car was parked next to a car with a broken window,” Shery Sun told CBS 17. 

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Sun says she’s nervous after seeing the broken glass in her gated parking garage. Residents say the garage is routinely unsecured and was open when CBS 17 drove by.

“The reason why I wanted to choose this apartment is they have the parking garage and now it’s not secure. Hopefully, they can fix that kind of problem,” Sun said.

Cary police confirm one or more people broke windows in 28 cars. Police say thieves are often looking for smaller items like cash or electronics they can turn around and sell quickly.

“I don’t keep a lot of stuff, I try not to keep a lot of stuff in my car that’s valuable,” a resident, who did not want to be named, told CBS 17

She lives at the complex hopes her car’s security features can deter thieves.

“It’s more complicated to take. Also, I have a tracker on my car,” she said.

While there are no suspects yet, Cary police say juveniles are often behind this kind of crime. Police sometimes see an increase in car break-ins when kids get out of school for the summer.

“I know that has been a common thing the past year. I know last year, we had the same type of thing around the same time. So, it is concerning,” a resident told CBS 17.

Cary police say they don’t have specific plans for extra patrols at the complex but are asking officers to pay special attention to areas like parking decks.

Police say the best thing to do is avoid leaving anything in your car that might draw attention.