RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Three of four lanes are closed along Interstate 40 westbound at Airport Boulevard after two separate crashes, the North Carolina Department of Transportation and a CBS 17 crew confirmed Wednesday night.

An NCDOT map confirmed a vehicle crash has closed three of four westbound lanes as of 8:53 p.m. near mile marker 284, that is Airport Boulevard.

The NCDOT also confirmed it is the three most-left lanes.

A CBS 17 crew confirmed the crash involved two cars in a rear-end crash. The crew also said air bags deployed, and while EMS and a cop were present, the scene was not taped off.

No information was provided on those in either vehicle.


Additionally, a second wreck presented itself just under the bridge near mile marker 285.

The CBS 17 crew said a car crashed into a median.

CBS 17 is working on further details surrounding the crash as well as an approximate time of lane reopenings.

Additionally, at the Aviation Parkway exit (exit 285), one lane is closed due to overnight construction. The vehicle crashes reported do not appear to be related to the construction site.

No other information is known at this time.