RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Just a few years after a group of Raleigh siblings created their own charity and they’ve hit a major milestone. They say they’ve collected and distributed a million dollars worth of donations, even though the pandemic meant temporarily changing their focus.

Andrew, Jocelyn, and Jackson Jung spend much of their free time in their family’s garage, cleaning and sorting donated sports gear. 

“We’ve made donations to 30-plus states and many more countries,” explained Andrew, 15.  

They got the idea from their grandmother who grew up in an orphanage in Poland. “One time she was going through my closet and I had a lot of used sports clothing she thought it would be a great idea to give it back to people,” Andrew recalled. 

The siblings created DonateSport.org to collect new and used athletic clothing and equipment for kids in need.  

“About three-to-four years ago, we started giving it away. In the beginning, we had a project or two, maybe a month, and before COVID we started having projects every week,” said Andrew, “But it’s starting to slow down now because of coronavirus.” 

The pandemic affected everything from sports to travel, but the Jungs still wanted to help, so they turned their efforts to local hospitals. 

Ryan Conklin, the executive chef at UNC Rex is grateful for the insoles and socks his team received.  “My team as well as the team with environmental services, they’re really on their feet all day long, some of them up to 12-hour shifts,” he said. “They are walking throughout the hospital. Some of my team is actually logging up to 30,000 steps a day delivering hot food to our patients.”  

The Jungs say they delivered tens of thousands of dollars worth of brand new insoles and socks to hospital workers. 

“We’ve been slogging it out here since March. And we see this kid and his father pull up, in – I think it was a rental truck – on a really hot summer day,  full of boxes for our team, it was really special to see. It was really inspiring,” added Conklin.  

The Jungs say it’s the least they can do. They collect donations from both individuals and companies and accept new and used items. They recently celebrated collecting and distributing a million dollars worth of donations, and they plan to keep working together to help as many people as they can.  

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